Avoiding Disputes in the Condo Jungle

A recent edition of MacLean’s magazine has a feature article entitled ‘Condo Hell’ which provides a sobering but important summary of the types of disputes condo owners may have to deal with when they live in close proximity to so many neighbours.  In addition to making life in a condo development stressful and unpleasant, seek these disputes often cost the individual unit owner and/or the condominium corporation significant amounts of money.

Before you buy

While disputes between owners can sometimes be hard to avoid, order buyers can help prevent or prepare for future problems by thoroughly reviewing all the building rules before buying a unit in a condominium.  If having a BBQ on your balcony or having a pet are important to you, cialis make sure you know the building permits them.   You should also take some time to review the minutes from board meeting before purchasing a unit.  This will help you understand the types of disputes that are occurring in the building and how the board resolves them.  You will also get a sense of how frequently the rules governing the building tend to change.  Just because BBQs are permitted today doesn’t mean a rule banning them cannot be introduced tomorrow.  Buyers should also enquire about any on-going litigation and speak to current residents to see if there are any existing disputes are on-going problems that have not yet reached formal legal proceedings.

If you are involved in a dispute

If you disagree with the general actions being taken by the Board it will be very difficult to challenge them as the recognized authority for the building rests with the condominium’s elected directors.  If there are complaints against you personally and the board’s actions call for penalties aimed at you it may be worth consulting a lawyer for guidance on your legal rights.  Just because the board has passed a resolution doesn’t mean it is legal.  If you are having a dispute with another owner, the best course of action is to take the issue to the board for them to resolve.

Your most important right as a condo owner

The most important right any condo owner has is the right to be informed and to participate in the running of the building.  In fact, many condominium boards are regularly searching for new members.  If you are not happy with the decisions being made by the board or are concerned with the direction being set by the Boardthen get involved.  Attending meetings, getting other like-minded owners engaged and running for the condo board will help ensure the building is a place where you enjoy living.

Michael Abrams