Drive In Service

We know that many clients have urgent legal matters that cannot be cancelled or postponed, or at least not without causing hardship, and we remain available to serve you. In many instances, your legal matters can be attended to by remote means but some situations require that the legal documents be signed in person, in the presence of a lawyer. Identification verification requirements also need to continue to be met to safeguard our clients.

To ensure these needs are met, we have set up a drive in service for signing documents at our
west end office on Carling Avenue so that you do not need to enter our office. As with usual meetings, the drive in service will be by appointment only.  

Where we identify a need for identification verification or original signatures or witnesses, your lawyer’s team will be reaching out to you. If you feel you have a need for our drive in service, please do not hesitate to contact your lawyer or our main reception at 613-238-6321 and we can make appropriate arrangements. 

Prior to visiting the drive in service, your lawyer will review all documents with you over the telephone or via video conferencing. When visiting the drive in service, you must have two pieces of photo identification. Please also bring your own pen.  

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The drive in is located at:

2301 Carling Ave (near Woodroffe Ave)

Ottawa, ON K2B 7G3

We will continue to adapt our services to meet your needs.