Employment Law Issues in M&A – Webinar Recording


10 employment law issues to consider when purchasing or selling a business

When it comes to buying or selling a business, there is not shortage of issues to consider and assess. A detailed analysis of the financials and a review of customer and supplier contracts are all part of standard due diligence. One area that is often overlooked is employment law and how its implications should influence the sale negotiations. 

In this webinar, employment lawyer J.P. Zubec reviews the many employment law issues that can affect business acquisitions, sales and mergers.  Issues addressed include:  

  1. Employment law issues in share sales
  2. Employment law issues in asset sales
  3. Strategies to reduce employee liability
  4. Human rights considerations
  5. Dealing with unionized work environments
  6. Handling mass terminations
  7. Restraining key employees
  8. Constructive dismissal
  9. Due diligence essentials
  10. Pay Equity Act and other liabilities to consider

To watch the webinar, please click here.