Online Webinar – Ensuring a Cost Effective Insurance Defence

An introduction to the claims dispute process in Ontario and how to work effectively with external counsel.

Information overload can be pretty overwhelming for anyone new to the insurance industry. Having a solid understanding of the legal process a disputed claim will follow will help claims handlers and adjusters get up to speed and quickly contribute to the efficient resolution of files.

In this webinar, insurance lawyers Sean Van Helden and Jennifer Therrien guide new adjusters and claims handlers through the claims dispute procedures in Ontario. They also provide a series of helpful recommendations on how to work most effectively with external lawyers so that a swift and cost effective resolution can be achieved. 

Topics covered include:  

  • Steps in a civil procedure in Small Claims Court and Ontario Superior Court 
  • Issues to consider at the outset of every file 
  • When to instruct external counsel 
  • What to send to counsel and when 
  • How to manage the costs of a file

To view the webinar, please click here.

Slides from the webinar can be downloaded form the link at the top of this page.