Webinar – From Hull and Back – Handling Claims from Quebec Drivers in Ontario Accidents


Everyday day, thousands of cars cross the provincial border from Quebec into Ontario. But they don’t all return. Quebec and Ontario have very different car insurance legislation that impact how claims are handled and the damages that can be awarded. In this webinar, insurance defence lawyer Samantha Iturregui explains what happens when a Quebec driver is involved in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario. Specific issues she addresses include:

  • A general overview on how the Ontario system differs from the system in Quebec ie: SAAQ v. Litigation
  • The heads of damages available to MVA plaintiffs in Ontario
  • Defences possible in Ontario including the threshold and statutory deductible; and 
  • What happens when two Quebec residents are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario?

To watch a recording of the webinar, please click here.  The webinar is presented in French.