‘You Be The Judge’ – Insurance Law Webinar


There were a lot of influential and fascinating insurance law cases before the Courts in 2017. In this webinar, Mitch Kitagawa, Samantha Iturregui, Allison Russell and Crystal Schulz present and debate four rulings that will impact insurers in 2018 and beyond. Before hearing how the court riuled in each case, viewers cast their vote on how they would have ruled.   

The four cases presented will cover a range of insurance lines and legal issues, including:

  1. Admissibility of Surveillance;
  2. Limitation Period;
  3. Use and Operation of a Vehicle;
  4. The definition of an accident and eligibility to SABS; and
  5. The Dog Owner’s Liability Act.

To watch a recording of the webinar, please click here

Recorded March 2, 2018